What is the Career-Related Programme?

The International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (CP) is an innovative education programme tailored for students who want to focus on career-related learning through sixth form. It allows students to create an individualized pathway that leads to further study, apprenticeships or employment after graduation. 


Hi! My school offers both CP and DP, and while I'm not in CP I think I could help a little!

IBCP isn't offered as much as DP by schools, so if you're interested in it you'd first need to check if your school even offers it.

In CP, the requirements are very different from DP. Firstly, the core is different, consisting of:

  • Service Learning (similar to CAS, but with different requirements I believe)

  • Personal and Professional Skills

  • Language Development (of a second language)

  • Reflective Project (a research paper, similar to the EE)

Additionally, the candidate takes on at least 2 IBDP courses, and career-related studies (internships, etc... varies depending on your school's programme).

Since CP is so hands-on and requires a lot of involvement - it's kind of like a technical college or polytechnic/vocational programme - I think it'd be pretty much impossible to take on IBDP and IBCP at the same time. if you really wanted to, not only would you have to fulfill all the career-related requirements, but you'd also have to complete both the DP and CP core, as well as your 6 IB subjects, which is again, kinda impossible.

I'm currently studying the IBCP programme with HL History, SL biology and BTEC Business, yet i'm just curious to know peoples opinions on the course.

If you're still interested in CP, it might still be alright for you to transfer since you're only one month into DP, so I'd suggest talking to the IB coordinator at your school!


Keep in mind that IB CP is not as widely accepted by universities compared to DP, especially prestigious universities.

-bubblepuppies12 (reddit)