What is the Diploma Programme (DP) ?

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a two-year educational programme primarily aimed at 16-to-19-year-olds in 140 countries around the world. The programme provides an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education and is recognized by many universities worldwide.



Research into the subject and the topics it has before you start. This way you understand what is expected of you, and have the opportunity to learn ahead.


Be prepared for the larger workload! 


Procrastination will be at its peak - so be organized!


Do not Pick IB subjects just to maximize your IB points. Pick subjects that you genuinely have a passion for (and what your grades rise as well)


Just because the subject is Standard Level does not mean it is less important - pay attention to all of your subjects equally!

What you should know before you enter

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What are the most valuable lessons you learnt though CAS?

Selflessness is definitely at the top for me. CAS widened my perspective of who was in the world around me and my obligation to be a community member and not an individual.

Kwabena Agyare

IB Class of 2014

DP Student Resources

Guess what?! We compiled all of the best IBDP resources you need by subject so you don't have to! Click on the boxes below to access them! There are learning resources, example IAs and EEs, interactive worksheets and much more!

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Elorm Tetteh Tamaklo

IB Class of 2015

IB is also the perfect opportunity to become more knowledgeable about world issues and attempt at making a difference in your own community through CAS and co-curricular activities. Invest in your co-curricular, they are the little things that make you outstanding.

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Benedicta Amo Bempah

IB Class of 2012

I would say be intentional about your success (volunteer in spaces that would give you leverage, aim to create always value because you significantly gain value in return). Be humble, never stop learning and growing yourself.

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Ofeibea Sakyi-Addo

IB Class of 2016

I think the most valuable lesson for me was the essence of reflection. Without looking back, one might miss vital lessons and skills that could contribute to making well-informed choices and decisions in future. You would be surprised what you might find after reflecting on your “normal” daily activities.