MYP for me was one scary experience. I mean, I was in an unknown territory with little to no information about MYP outside my teachers and peer groups, I had to do subjects which were far outside my comfort zone and I had to do it ONLINE( e-assessment). But MYP is and will always be a worthwhile experience.


I began MYP fairly oblivious to its perils, I had been doing the GES curriculum for 9 years a program which only taught me how to memorise information and pour it back and I was good at that. I was always wanted to explore my creativity or have room to discuss issues to I felt were important to know in the world, but it always felt stifled to “Just learn what is in the textbook”, but then MYP came along, I had to then use what I have learnt in the classroom outside, be a critical thinker and be balanced. It all seemed fine at the beginning, I was enjoying myself and all but THEN, I struggled to change my mindset towards key areas in MYP like collaborative learning, critical thinking especially in Math. 


So if I can advice anyone who is going to the program wondering if they are going to step on a land mine at any possible point, here are six key takeaways from my MYP experience. 


1) Learn how to work with others. Beyond group work, you need to step up your collaborative learning. Yes, it can seem like a headache and no, you are not always right. There is such a mountain of information available to you through your peers, don't lose out on that because you thought you could work on your own. 

 2) Time Management, this is extremely important, resist the urge to roll your eyes at me. I personally struggled with managing my time. I felt exhausted as a result but when I began to use a planner, lo and behold! My MYP life began to change. I was able to learn, rest and fulfil all my ASA requirements. Dont make the mistake of stopping how to plan because it didn’t work out the first time, continue to do so and things would change. 

 3) Don’t leave your learning to exam time. Try to learn even when you have no tests or exams. It might seem boring but find ways to make learning interesting for you, use colours, highlighters, note etc but try to learn even if you don't have a summative or formative. It makes it easier to remember information and therefore, use it wisely. 

 4) Take your learning outside the classroom, there is a difference between passing exams and being a good student. Read wide and far, take what you learn in the classroom into the world, into the global issues and even see if they can apply to your life. This is when education becomes a transformation of the mind rather than an elevation of grades #Fakedeep 

 5) Don't slack on your personal project. I don't think anything needs to be said about this. Mr. Sly has probably told you. 

 6) Pay attention in class. This is very important, don't be like me and get distracted when class is going on with either things happening in your own head, what is going on outside or on your laptop. Be focused in class. Leave all outside related activity, outside. 


MYP was not an easy ride for me but I learnt to love to learn, to read and to try things i would never try in normal circumstances, I loved and disliked every minute of my MYP experience. But I would do it again if I had to, your teachers and friends would be your biggest support. Don't be afraid to reach out. 



- Naa Adjeley, Former MYP Student