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Lena Dodoo
Nov 20, 2020
In Complaints
Wait because this section was created for me. Ahem. I am TIRED of online learning. Tired. Give me a T! Give me an I! Give me a.. you get it. I miss the classroom. I miss raising my real hand, not some button on Zoom. I miss when teachers didn't use the excuse that we are home so we have "more time" to assign an unhealthy amount of homework. I miss when I didn't have dark circles under my eyes and more stress pimples than I can count. I miss prep. I miss not knowing which class I had first thing in the morning. I miss walking into class and swatting out mosquitoes. I miss talking during class (pfft i barely do this). I miss my friends. I even miss the people I don't like. I miss being able to chase down my group members to the hostel when they haven't done their work. I miss complaining about things like how many school events there are and how many people are in the school and not the fact that I haven't touched another human being in a while. I miss the time before the guy ate the cat or the rat or the dog.
Lena Dodoo

Lena Dodoo

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